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8 Foot Wall Rack System



8 Foot Wall Rack System


8 Foot Wall Unit Includes:

  • 4-shelf storage bay
  • Two Coroplast shelf liners
  • 6′ of wall mount grids
  • 4-saddle pullout rack
  • 4-bar blanket rack
  • Triple bridle rack
  • Two – 4-prong racks
  • Binder rack
  • Tote tray shelf and
  • Six apparel hooks
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Product Description

Designed for complete customization, TackRack lets you create a unique storage system to organize your stable and keep your equipment dry and accessible. TackRack offers the strength and durability you need, with the ease-of-use and aesthetic appeal you don’t find with conventional, single-solution, hardware.

TackRack’s open design promotes maximum air movement for faster drying. Above-floor mounting makes cleaning underneath easy by eliminating floor clutter. Modular components allow you to assemble as many sections as you need, and mount them wherever it will be most convenient in your stable.



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